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After moving into a new home, I realized that there were a few problems that I didn't notice during the initial inspection. I started looking around at the plumbing, and it was surprising to see how many problems there were with the house. There were bad smells coming out of the drains, the pipes seemed like they were always clogged, and I was having trouble getting hot water. I knew that I needed to do what I could to prevent plumbing problems, and it all started with working with the right professional. This blog is here to help people to recognize the signs of plumbing problems.

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Drafts In Vacant Homes Can Freeze Pipes: How To Deal With The Dillema

Plumbing, as everyone realizes, is part of a house. What many do not realize, however, is disconnected components of a house may actually be far more intertwined than realized. Pipes can and do freeze when the temperature drops. Turning the thermostat up is one way to reduce the chances pipes won't freeze. Fixing that old, broken window frame on the second floor would be another good idea. Even minor drafts due to inefficient insulation could cause similar hassles. The cold air that comes into the upstairs area through the imperfections in the windows, ceiling, or elsewhere could freeze and damage the pipes. When a property with draft issues is left vacant during bitter cold weather, steps do have to be taken to decrease the chances of anything disastrous from happening.

Cold Air and Pipes

Once a temperature drops below a certain amount, pipes are at the risk of freezing. Although the temperature in a home may be set at 70 degrees, cold air entering through drafts could bring that temperature down. If the property is vacant and the thermostat is set at 50 degrees, all that cold air could create a risk for any pipes enveloped by the cold air. With no one at the property to raise the temperature, the temperature could reach freezing levels.

Performing a Professional Pipe Draining

Before leaving the property without daily supervision, it may be best to drain the pipes. Simply turning off the interior valves and letting the water run out is not enough. The pipes need to be professionally drained by a plumber. A professional can shut the water off at the exterior stopper cutting off water to even more plumbing. Additionally, a plumber can run compressed air through the pipes to drastically cut down any remaining water.

Property owners not near their home should also take two additional steps just to be on the supreme safe side:

Coordinate with Someone Local

When a major cold spell hits, never assume nothing has gone wrong even when the best preventive, precautionary steps have been taken. Have a trusted neighbor or paid house sitter check on things. This way, a busted and leaking upstairs pipe does not go unchecked for long. Leaving a burst pipe leak unchecked for just one day could end up causing massive damage.

Pre-select an Appropriate Plumber

A residential plumber might not be willing to perform work based on the okay of a representative. Contact a local plumber in advance to clear any possible work authorizations prior to leaving the area. Taking this extra step further improves the ability to respond to an emergency without delays.

Preventing a plumbing problem and being able to respond to one quickly may seem like a bit of work. The work is worth it considering the costs saved.