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After moving into a new home, I realized that there were a few problems that I didn't notice during the initial inspection. I started looking around at the plumbing, and it was surprising to see how many problems there were with the house. There were bad smells coming out of the drains, the pipes seemed like they were always clogged, and I was having trouble getting hot water. I knew that I needed to do what I could to prevent plumbing problems, and it all started with working with the right professional. This blog is here to help people to recognize the signs of plumbing problems.

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4 Reasons Your Toilet Is Not Flushing

One of the most annoying plumbing issues you can deal with is your toilet not flushing. After all, the toilet is the most used plumbing feature in your home, so if you aren't able to flush it, it can indicate major problems and can be embarrassing to deal with, especially if you are having guests over. In order to resolve the problem, you need to know the five most common reasons your toilet isn't flushing. This way, you know what likely needs to be done to fix it. Here are the four most common problems:

  1. The Pipes Are Clogged: If the pipes are clogged, then the toilet isn't going to flush since there will be nowhere for the water to go but back up. You will want to hire a plumber right away to resolve the issue with a plumbing snake. This will remove large clogs deep in the pipes, which will allow you to flush your toilet once again. While waiting for a plumber, do not use the toilet and turn the water off to the toilet as well to prevent the water from overflowing and causing water damage. 
  2. The Chain Needs To Be Adjusted: One area you can check on your own that doesn't require you to hire a plumber is the chain that is connected to the flapper and the flush handle. If the chain is loose, you need to tighten it, which will make it easier to flush your toilet. This is likely the problem if you find that you have to yank the handle really hard to flush the toilet of if you push on the handle and nothing happens at all. 
  3. The Handle Is Broken: If the chain doesn't need to be adjusted, but you still notice that the handle is not easy to push down or does nothing to make the toilet flush, you will need to replace it. This sometimes happens when the handle begins to rust. You will want to have a plumber replace the handle for you. They will know which type will fit and how to attach it properly. 
  4. Something Was Flushed That Shouldn't Have Been Flushed: When certain items are flushed down the toilet that shouldn't have been flushed, it can be difficult to unclog. Most of the time, you need a professional who can snake out the problem or resolve it with special drain cleaners. For example, if too much toilet paper is flushed, special drain cleaner will be needed that breaks the paper down and allows you to flush the toilet easily again. 

When you know these four reasons your toilet is not flushing, you can be sure that you know what to check for and when you should hire a professional to come fix it.