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After moving into a new home, I realized that there were a few problems that I didn't notice during the initial inspection. I started looking around at the plumbing, and it was surprising to see how many problems there were with the house. There were bad smells coming out of the drains, the pipes seemed like they were always clogged, and I was having trouble getting hot water. I knew that I needed to do what I could to prevent plumbing problems, and it all started with working with the right professional. This blog is here to help people to recognize the signs of plumbing problems.

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3 Ways A Plumber Can Help You Save Money

Many homeowners don't think about the benefits plumbing services can provide until they find themselves facing a plumbing emergency. It's important to recognize that plumbers can serve as valuable allies for homeowners.

If you are looking for some simple ways to save money around the home, then hiring a plumber could allow you to reach your goal. Here are three ways that investing in plumbing services could help you save money in the future.

1. Fixing leaks can reduce your water bill.

Homeowners often have leaks that go undetected until they start to cause significant damage. While an unseen leak might not even be on your radar, the rise in your monthly water bill certainly is cause for concern.

Hiring a plumber to help identify any potential leaks that exist within your home and then repair these leaks can save you money in the future. Experts estimate that leak detection and repair could net you a savings of up to 10% on future water bills.

2. Installing a new toilet can reduce your water bill.

Another simple way you can partner with a plumber to save money around the house is by opting to have a new toilet installed in your bathroom. Toilets manufactured prior to 1992 can use anywhere from 3.5 to 7 gallons of water per flush.

Newer toilet models are equipped with low-flow capabilities, allowing them to flush using a mere 1.6 gallons (or less) of water. With toilets accounting for 14% of the water used inside modern homes, the installation of a new low-flow model could help you reduce your water bill in the future.

3. Replacing an old aerator can cut your water costs.

The faucets in your kitchen and bathroom(s) should be equipped with aerators that help to control the flow of water through the faucet when it is in use. Over time, these aerators can begin to go bad and lose their efficiency.

Hiring a plumber to replace your old aerators with new ones could reduce the amount of water used by your home's faucets by up to 40%. Something as simple as having your plumber install a new aerator can have a significant effect when it comes to cutting your monthly water costs.

Learning how you can rely on the services a plumber can provide will help you conserve both water and money in the future. Click here for info about saving money around the house.